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Inventory Management - Made Simple

Rapid’s bespoke software solution has been developed to give you a simple, cost effective solution to manage your inventory quickly and accurately.

Management of your inventory can be as complex or simple as you make it; critically it must to be managed by somebody to ensure your inventory levels are accurate. Time spent receiving or issuing inventory can be seen by some as a nuisance; time = money after all.

However, if receipts and issues aren’t managed accurately, your last stock count will soon be obsolete and availability of what you need, when you need it becomes a lottery at best. On the flipside, if inventory levels aren’t managed you enter the costly realm of just buying more of what you need quickly, often at a higher price and not consuming what you already have in stock.

Same day couriers and taxi deliveries become the norm; equipment availability suffers and inevitably production time is lost. With this in mind, how much of a nuisance is effectively managing your inventory now? 

The intuitive user interface of Rapid's new software minimises the need for extensive user training and reduces implementation time. Our solution is barcode enabled which minimises the use of a keyboard and mitigates keying errors. Bluetooth connectivity allows real-time picking from inventory which negates the need for docking and data downloads; minimising the time taken to pick.

Key Benefits

Key Features

• fast implementation

• manage purchase receipts

• barcode enabled

• issue stock to an asset

• bluetooth enabled

• generate purchase requisitions

• remote server access

• generate usage reports

• standard suite of report

• and much more...

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